json_reader(fo: IO, schema: Union[str, List[T], Dict[KT, VT]], reader_schema: Union[str, List[T], Dict[KT, VT], None] = None, *, decoder=<class ''>) → fastavro._read_py.reader

Iterator over records in an avro json file.

  • fo – File-like object to read from
  • schema – Original schema used when writing the JSON data
  • reader_schema – If the schema has changed since being written then the new schema can be given to allow for schema migration
  • decoder – By default the standard AvroJSONDecoder will be used, but a custom one could be passed here


from fastavro import json_reader

schema = {
    'doc': 'A weather reading.',
    'name': 'Weather',
    'namespace': 'test',
    'type': 'record',
    'fields': [
        {'name': 'station', 'type': 'string'},
        {'name': 'time', 'type': 'long'},
        {'name': 'temp', 'type': 'int'},

with open('some-file', 'r') as fo:
    avro_reader = json_reader(fo, schema)
    for record in avro_reader: